Cluster Pastoral Council

 Trinity Cluster Council


The Cluster Pastoral Council offers counsel to and collaborates with the pastor to provide the long-range planning which will guide the cluster toward its future.

  1. To facilitate a process by which the mission of the cluster is determined and to serve as stewards of that mission.

  2. To build an identity as a cluster, creating an atmosphere among the member parishes which values the common good.

  3. To facilitate among the member parishes the development of a unified community of faith.


Membership consists of those who are ex officio and of registered parishioners who are elected or appointed as delineated in the bylaws.


1. The pastor presides over the Cluster Pastoral Council.

2. Other officers are: the chair, the vice chair, and the secretary.  Note: A recorder may be appointed from outside the membership of the council to take minutes, but s/he is neither an officer nor a voting member.
Chair: Ashley Simon
Vice Chair: Julie Heitland
Secretary: Wayne McGlaughlin 

Parish Civil Corporations
President: Archbishop Michael O. Jackels, S.T.D.
Vice President: Msgr. Thomas E. Toale, Ph.D.
Secretary: Father Nils de Jesús Hernández


Trinity Cluster Pastoral Council Membership

Father Nils de Jesús Hernández, Pastor

St. Patrick Parish Rep

Ron Berns (2014-15)

Wayne McGlaughlin (2013-16)

St. Bridget Parish Rep

Dave Koopman (2014-15)

Julie Heitland (2013-16)

St. Mary Parish Rep

Ashley Simon (2014-17)

Karol Nelson (2015-16)

Cluster Liturgy Committee Rep

Deb Smith (2014-15)

Cluster Faith Formation Commission Rep

Jennifer Benda (2014-15)

Cluster Social Justice Rep

Lilia Tinderholt (2014-15)

Cluster Stewardship Rep

JoAnn Lang (2014-15)

(Numbers in parenthesis represents the term)